Punctuation Boot Camp

Understand and Apply Advanced Punctuation

Advanced punctuation can seem like a set of confusing rules, designed only to make English a bit scary. Actually, when understood, they are tools for making reading and writing more expressive and clear.

A short course of videos, guides, quizzes and comment boards, to make sense of advanced punctuation, once and for all. Most people confuse colons and semi-colons, or fall into the common apostrophe traps. Here, you will be given simple, memorable ways to make sense of it all, with exercises to reinforce your understanding. That way, not only will you finally understand (and remember) how advanced punctuation works, but you will be able to apply it to your own writing.

All content is accessible to ages 7 and upwards.

You can now use the comment boards to ask any of your queries about confusing examples and you'll get a reply from an experienced English specialist educator to make sense of it for you.


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